2023 was the 3rd year that the $1,000 Start-Ups’ Books and Workbooks were used in the Nassau County Young Entrepreneurs Camp. Seeing the content suitably used to inform, motivate, and guide a wide range of populations, including young people, is a true honor. The book and workbook are available to anyone on Amazon.

Our Founder/Director, Leah Ward-Lee was among the coaches for the 2023 Nassau County Schools Young Entrepreneurship Camp.

Over 8 days 19 middle and high school students learned what it takes to start a small business. From concept and research to budget and marketing to a mock Small Business Fair, their efforts and commitment are impressive and inspiring!


Students visted local businesses to learn what it takes to start and run a small business.

The Young Entrepreneurs worked hard developing their business plans and marketing with guidance from Leah and other professionals.

Presenting the businesses formed in the program at a Mock Business Fair.

Read more about the program in this feature in the Nassau County Record.

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