Your tax deductible donation to $1000 Start-Ups helps us to continue to provide training, support, and opportunities for the development of small business in our community.

$1,000 Start-Ups is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation ​(Federal Tax ID: 85-2661417)

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The $1,000 Start-Ups Consortium
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Your donation in action:

Grants and donations of any amount are appreciated and acknowledged.  Grants may be directed or non-directed, just let us know when submitting your donation.  All donations fund students’ business start-up costs and the cost of promoting and conducting small business fairs. Below you can see the different ways higher level donations support our programs and our students.

Platinum Level

A $1,000 Grant, Sponsorship or Donation provides a student full funding to start their business.

Businesses & Donors are acknowledged on our website.

Silver Level

A $250 Grant or Donation provides a student funding to buy what’s needed to participate in the first small business fair and to fund a small business fair.

Businesses & Donors on our website.

Gold Level

A $500 Grant or Donation provides a student funding to officially register his/her business, obtain any needed licenses, and develop marketing materials.

Business & Donors are acknowledged on our website.

Bronze Level

A $100 Grant or Donation provides a student funding for the cost of building a prototype for the “Science Fair” (the inaugural fair that allows students to move from concept to reality, get feedback, and take deposits and orders for their products.)

Businesses & Donors are acknowledged on our website.

Please see the Support section above to make your donation.
Contact Leah Ward-Lee at 904-432-7760 or with any questions you may have.


2022 Fair

$1000 StartUps hosts three small business fairs each year. This is an opportunity for Cohort members to introduce their business to the community and to develop practical marketing and operational skills. Local businesses are also invited to display with the new businesses, at no cost, to grow their businesses together.

Community members are encouraged to attend the fairs to discover new and existing small business and to support economic growth in the local community.


As a community organization, we’d love to have join our team as a volunteer.  We have many opportunities to contribute your time, skills, ad talents to promote the development of small business. We welcome your interest, expertise and ideas, but here are just a few examples:

  • Administrative support
  • Legal advice and support
  • Guest speaker
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Event coordination
  • Technical support
  • Board Member

Please click this button to complete the form and
we’ll contact you to set up a call.

Fair Volunteers


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