As a current business owner you can join the Cohort to discover new ways to grow your small business while sharing your experience and knowledge to support others.

Join the Consortium to learn and collaborate with other entrepreneurs and small businesses to increase your success.

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The $1,000 Start-Ups Consortium is a network of local business owners and representations of a local organizations who mentor, encourage, refer, supply, purchase, sell, and market together within the scope of the $1,000 Start-Ups values.

We welcome new members to join as a way of giving and receiving support and sharing expertise, ideas, resources, and experiences that benefit the small business community.

The belief that owning and operating your own business and understanding how to manage your money puts you in control of your financial future caused Leah Ward-Lee and Tony Lee to write and publish $1,000 Start-Ups, 60 Business for Micro-Entrepreneurs… and How to Start Them and The Bartender’s Guide to Financial Freedom

The books are available to anyone and can be useful and practical resources for those considering starting a business.

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Graduate Feature! Rain Lily Montessori

Graduate Feature! Rain Lily Montessori

“Finding $1,000 Start-Ups was such a blessing.” ~ Kati McClurg Co-Founder/Co-Director Rain Lily Montessori  In this new $1,000 Start-Ups Series we will Feature Cohort Graduates and their businesses. We will check in to discuss their business growth, challenges,...