Our Partners

The $1,000 Start-Ups is supported by our generous grantors, donors, collaborators and supporters. Together we are working to grow our small business community.

Grantors are organizations, foundations, and businesses who provide grant funding.

Donors are individuals, families, businesses and organizations who provide financial donations.

Supporters are organizations who support $1000 Start-Ups with facilities, volunteers, publicity, and marketing.

Collaborators are individuals and organizations who enrich the quality of the program by teaching or sharing their talents.


Amelia Cruizers


Community Foundation of North East Florida


Farmer’s Insurance

Front Porch Beads

Jay & Brenda Kayne Foundation

Tom & Janine Larson Foundation

New Vision United Church of Christ

Pineland Bank

The Rayonier Advanced Materials Foundation

The Ogburn School

The Weldon Foundation

Unitarian Universalist Church of East Nassau

Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville


 Julia Aaron

Mark & Donna Paz Kaufman

Jeanne Connor in memory of Rick Conner

Penny Reid

Robin Bruck & Mike Tanner

Chris Reed & Ken Kneisel

Rick & Holly Keffer

Brenda & Jay Kayne

Robin McCarthy & Bill Gootjes

Munsell McPhillips & Robert Prader

Ed Reniker

Grant Griffin-Eddings

Xylina Green

Mary & Gene Janicke

Anne Showalter

T.R. & Joufflie Richardson


Terri Fotiades, Accounting

Melinda Powers, Business Attorney

Richard Wood, Bus Insurance/Risk Mgmt

Isiah Douglas, DJ

Jay Kayne, Entrepreneurship

Janet Michea, Graphics Artist

Peggy Weeks, Graphics Artist

Sonofarius, Live Mellow Music

Chayne Riggs, Networking

Taylor Kennedy, SEO

Tony Lee, Financial Management

Xylina Green, Personal Chef

Gene Freund, Target Marketing

Ron Kurtz, Voice Actor

Lynnette Najimy, Marketing & Website

Lisa Bilotta, Social Media,        Hot Market Media