$1,000 Start-Ups Why Support Small Business Blog Post

It’s no secret that $1,000 Start-Ups is passionate about the value and power of small businesses and entrepreneurs to make a significant difference in communities and the lives of its members.  While we enthusiastically feature out Cohort and Consortium members at our Fairs, we appreciate that they are working to provide valuable goods and services year round!

We encourage you to seek them out whenever you are looking to make a purchase, either for yourself or as gifts. There is no better time than at the holidays to discover some unique items and services that will delight the recipients and the small business owners!

Supporting small business and local entrepreneurs is a win for you and for our community. We’ve gathered some thoughts to inspire you to consider supporting these local businesses!

5 Reasons To Support Small Business In Our Community

1. It keeps money in our community. When you purchase from a local small business, your money is more likely to directly support the owner and their family. Whereas, at large retailers a much smaller portion of your purchase stays local.

2. You’ll find unique items and gifts. Many of our small businesses are artisans and creators of their products. Other’s hand select special items that you will not find in big box stores. Whether you make a donation to a local non-profit, buy a piece of art, food items, or give a gift certificate, you are giving a thoughtful gift that gives back to the community.

3. It creates a sense of community. Whether you purchase from a small-business or entrepreneur at a festival or fair or from their online shop, this is a great way to meet your neighbors and share the joys and creativity of your community.

4. It lowers your carbon footprint. When you buy local or from an online shop, pick up and/or delivery reduces the amount of time and money to receive your items. What’s good for the local economy is good for the planet.

5. You’ll keep local businesses thriving. Your support and patronage of small local businesses enable them to grow their businesses and to be successful. Entrepreneurs are an essential community resource. When you give a locally sourced gift, you are giving others the opportunity to learn about local businesses, as well.

We THANK YOU for your support of $1,000 Start-Ups and our network of entrepreneurs, organizations, and small business!

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